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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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to upwardsover 70%. expertsagree this life saving tool is far from saving the number of lives it should. >> i just knew a player went down. >> reporter: josh miller was 15 years old when he collapsed 13 years ago. >> the helplessness of seeing my son pass away in front of my eyes. >> reporter: his high school wasn't quipped with an aed. today they have at least six sgl. >> reporter: across the country, your chance of finding one is as spotty as the rules that govern them. in schools, ohio leaves it up to the school districts. in california, they're not required at all. and in florida, it's limited. . >> this really qualifies as a public health problem.
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>> reporter: ae d advocates like ben say even when they're available, they're not always used. remember, 12-year old michael of florida went into cardiac arrest just feet from his school's aed. >> we were out ranled when we found out -- outraged when we found out it wasn't used. >> reporter: claire considers lovers one of the lucky -- kers herself one of the lucky one. >> claire had just finished competing in a ballgame when she collapsed and turned blue. shecredits the school's aed with saving her life. >> michael's parents sued the school district and settled. the school he died at is now
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quipped with three aed's. sevenyears after michael's death, his parents remain on a mission. >> to stop this tragedy from happening to other families. . >> the michael epp have a heart foundation is donating aed's to schools in fla sfla. onerecently saved a teen. >> we saved a family from the grief. >> i genuinely believe that could have saved his life, yes. >> reporter: currently, about 2 million of these are scattered around the country, far below the 30 million experts say are need edneeded head for more information about these devices and this could have been
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your eight-year old coming home from football practice in the cross walk on reistertown road when he was hit by a car that did not stop. some say they saw this car speeding and swerving. the family says he suffered a broken ankle but they're waiting to hear how serious the injuries are. . >> he had to drag himself off the street. he was strong enough to drag himself off the street because other cars were coming too and he just laid there and started yelling my leg. >> police are looking for a dark or black colored jaguar annapolis high school this morning, the loss of an assistant coach. pa trich shay cunningham was --
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patricia cunningham was riding her bike last night when she was hit by a honda driven by a 37-year old who remained at the scene. thee crash appears to be driver error. no word if charges will be filed in this case and police are still looking for the driver who hit and killed samantha monday. herbody was found during rush hour. police say she was hit by a mercedes, from the mid-80s with damage to the riethd front hood, fender and glass damage. if youhave information, call police right away. . all new tonight, a story about a local man fighting for hiss life and struggle -- his life. abc2 news christian schaefer is here with that story. >> reporter: jamie, you probably know someone who
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doesn't have health insurance. officialsestimate there are probably 8 800,000 people in maryland who don't have it. charles will ks is one of them -- will action is one of them ilkes is one of them -- will action is one of them. >> people stop by wondering what happened to pops. when hegot sick, it was devastating. he's family. >> reporter: he made enough money to get by, but not enough to purchase the health insurance and then earlier this year. >> i was feeling weak and then -- [technical difficulties]. >> we kept asking if he was going to go to the doctor, but not having insurance, he was reluctant. >> reporter: finally in may of this year pops did do that, the diagnosis, pro prostate cancer that maz spread and is -- has
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spread and is terminal. doctors at the university of maryland medical center started treating pops for free. all hospitals can treat patient who is cannot pay and then get reimbursed. but still,pops no longer has incumbent and still has a rent payment, power bill and now prescriptions to pay for. co-workers did help pops apply for social security benefits and learned there is a five month waiting period designed to ensure that benefits aren't paid to people who don't have long term disability. i'm not sure how much longer he'll be able to stay at the place he's staying not paying
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rent. it's almost like the system wants him to be homeless and on the streets before it will happen. >> reporter: that's why they've been collecting donations online and at the jif fi lube along jiffy lube along with other businesses in pikesville. they're hoping that some changes will come to the process. >> my concern is for the people who have to go through this tomorrow. >> reporter: officials with the maryland hospital association say if the affordable care act works as it's intended, that number of include file not found shured -- uninshired will go down -- uninsured will go down. we'll set up a link on
11:08 pm to the facebook page set up for pop. just a few fair weather clouds passing by tonight. nothing more than a stray somehower in the morning commute. it's going to be warm overnight. that cool front that will arrive late day tomorrow is not here yet. 83 in the city. it is a warm evening out there. clearing into the morning, mostly sunny by midday. i think you'll like the travel set up as you go into friday and beyond. there are some changes ahead we'll detail in a minute we're going take a commercial break, but i tell you what, go to and see how you can help out pops. that stoichis just -- story is just incredible. >> this is it, your final year in school, now college applications, senior prom, you get the picture, it's going to cost you over the next nine months.
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>> hello, hello, what happened to the art of ordering a $40 pizza delivered to your room. >> and we'll show you a sinkhole in louisiana that is so deep you can see cancun.
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. what do you do to pay back the people who saved your life? you hold a blood drive r drive. abc2 news pete o'neal tonight. >> reporter: we got --. >> we got there, it's pouring down raining. i got in the car with josh, made sure, started taking over patient care, started making sure they were okay working on the extrication aspect. >> reporter: it was considered a heavy rescue. they had to use the jaws of life to save a life. so tonight, how does a mother say thank you for saving her
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son's life? >> thank you so much. >> we just can't thank you guys enough. . >> reporter: this is josh, it took 15 units of blood and the tireless work of doctors and nurses at shock trauma to save his life. >> just to give back to the emt's, the doctors at shock trauma, they saved my life. >> reporter: the way josh and his family wanted to give back was to host a blood drive with the help of the red cross and those same people who helped save his life, the volunteer fire company. >> to see him come back, that's what gets us through this. that's what we look forward to. >> we treat the patients as well as we would treat our own family members and usually take
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them ho to hospital and don't hear back from them and to have them come here and hold this for the public and for us to come here and see how great they're doing, it's a great experience. . >> reporter: pete o'neal, abc2 news. >> the goal was to collect 40 units of blood, today's donations were double that and the first responders were given enough money to buy an aed. it's about time to take your children to school, but the last year of school could break your wallets with all of the costs. . >> especially with college applications now, some of them up near $100. i think that's why it is very important to be intentional about the list of colleges that a student [technical difficulties]. >> and one of the best free
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resources, recommendations, applications and expectations can be the high school counselor. as for things like the prom, class rings and such, parents should encourage the student to set a budget. the president's on the road hitting up colleges to talk about the rise in tuition. here's how the president plans to do things differently, rating colleges on a value, creating a pay as you earn. >> we're going to make sure students who receive federal financial aid complete their courses before receiving grants for the next semester. we needto make sure that if you're getting financial aid, you're doing your part. >> and as a parent, you want to make sure your parents are being fed subjects like math and science, but they have to
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eat real feed, real food yoourl be paying more for. baltimorepublic schoolers will now be paying $3 for lunches. studentswho's families get assist nsz for school lunches will automatically get a free lunch. for some kids, heading back to school it can lead to stress problems. doctors say the pain increases anxiety and that increases pain and there are things you can do to help. >> making sure and encouraging them to continue to engage in the things that they would normally be doing, and then also helping them to learn strategies to help cope with the pain and overcome that. working with a counselor or psychologists and making sure it's not something more by talking to a pediatric.
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>> and if you're -- pediatric trilgs. pediatrician. >> and if your child is stressed out, help them out by meeting the teacher ahead of time stress is all a baltimore woman has after a company sold her diet pictures. she dieted the right way and lost weight in a year, but the company that stole her pictures say she lost it in 30 days it's horrible to think someone would steal something that has no grain of truth. >> she's asking people to repost her real weight loss story to help drown out the false atds. getting food -- ads. getting food to your hotel room could be a thing of the past. a survey says hotels have been making less and less money off
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of service. while upscaleproperties will always have room service, others are ditching it for do it yourself service sdmrs if you look under the amenty ties section, they'll list it out there and you can check prices. >> we'll do that. for hotelswithout the in-room meals, find restaurants that deliver near where you're staying. and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. let's start out with a check of the radar, all clear this evening. had afew showers this evening bit now they're all gone earlier in havrety grace we did
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have some decent rain, but now all quiet here. our view always good from the tide water marina. windslight from the west at 3 miles an hour. tomorrow, get out on the linked, great friday for it. -- links. great friday for it. uv index will be high tomorrow no matter where you have are. there will be some cloud cover early in the day, but the sun should become more of a force in the afternoon. wind speed is light. we had a west breeze earlier today and that will kick in again p again tomorrow. verymuggy tonight, still. as welook into the day tomorrow, our future dew point map showing a drop into the 50s. once you go below 60 or so, it starts to feel comfortable out there. that's where i think we're
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headed for the weekend. it'sgoing to be a beauty at the maryland state fair this weekend. . >> it's still active across the east coast. by tomorrow, i think we're going to see a clear set up up and down the east coast. cool front is on the march, already into chicago and cleveland. the mild dry air behind this is going to flood into maryland over the weekend replacing the humid set up we had. if you're a big fan of the hot humid condition, i think you're done after maybe midmorning tomorrow so i hope you enjoyed it. into the day tomorrow, low to mid-80s, not bad. humidities fallingtomorrow night and look at the effect that has, temperatures dropping into the 50s and 60s overnight. tropics relativelyquiet still. no worries about a tropical
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system for the maryland state fair, but look at this. in the gulf cost, decent circumstance -- coast, decent circulation here. . >> overnight tonight, 68, tomorrow 86, any stray shower in the morning will clear quickly. and take a look at the weekend. from friday amp into saturday and sunday, it's dry, mild weather and the humidity will be way low for saturday and sunday. now, if you're a hot weather fan, i don't know if this is it. i mean, tuesday next week, maybe the city could hit 90 again. soaugust still has juice. >> are you coming in tomorrow? >> i'm going have to do it. >> what's it like to come in and just say it's great weather? >> it's good. we have plenty of those days. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
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. all right, this may look a lot like niag rashgs rra. thisis in taiwan and this is rain from a typhoon. look at that. . ever been so hungry you swallowed an entire tree?
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well this sinkhole in louisiana has been called the burp. it'scaused by natural gas releasing. mandatory evacuations have been ordered. look at all of the trees going. we'll be right back.
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. good night. >> and good luck.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jason sudeikis. from "paranoia", amber heard. and music from mayer hawthorne. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ñi >> jimmy: hi, everybody, i'm jimmy kimmel, thank you
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for watching. thank you for coming. it means everything to me, it really does. i got to show you something. back stage, i am very high strung right now. i had about a gallon of coffee an hour ago. i don't know why, i don't usually drink coffee, but somebody brought these giant iced coffees in my office, i don't know why, but they taste so good. i mean, this is enough coffee to drown an olsen twin. this is a lot of coffee. and now, i just want to fight everybody! or at least hug people really, really hard. boy, look out, you're the most huggable guy in the room, i might get over to you. >> that is okay. >> jimmy: let me just get the energy out. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. okay. that was good. i got that out of my system and i think i have a hernia.
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you're not losing any weight, are you? >> no. >> jimmy: solid. did you know about the first lady's "let's move" campaign? this is her initiative to try to get kids to exercise. well, guess what? they put out a hip-hop video, and who did they get to hop? at is right, noted dr. oz. >> just the other day ♪ ♪ they see me on the show. i'm not sure ♪ ♪ exercise. it is all about the move ♪ yeah, all about the move ♪ no matter how we most of -- move and we ain't going to stop ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, you know, kids love dr. oz, do kids love dr. oz. >> the song is part of a track titled healthy eating, which is hip-hop and veggie love, which sounds like a dirty thing, i
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guess vegetables and hip-hop go hand in hand, snoop dog has been celebrating his love of leafy greens for a while. i don't know if government-fund arapahoe coun ed rap is going to help kids lose weight. either that, or the parents are getting fatter. each state had a drop of obesity rate of at least one percentage points. you know, it equals a lot of fat. a lot of fat kids are getting their arms stuck in vending machines and have to lose weight to get free. "the today show" is covering the subject, and this morning whoever added the stories for


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